Grand Theft Parsons

GRAND THEFT PARSONS 1With “Jackass: The Movie” in the top slot at the boxoffice, the film’s star, Johnny Knoxville, has found his next project. He will star in the low-budget indie comedy feature “Grand Theft Parsons” alongside a cast that includes Christina Applegate and Marley Shelton. David Caffrey (“Divorcing Jack”) is directing the project, which will be in production by year’s end, with Frank Mannion producing. Jeremy Drysdale wrote the script, which is inspired by a true story. It sees Knoxville star as Phil Kaufman, a road manager for musician Gram Parsons. The film begins at Parsons’ death, with Kaufman stealing the musician’s body from a mortuary and racing it to Joshua Tree in the Southern California desert. There, Kaufman attempts to burn it to fulfill a pact he made with Parsons. Applegate plays Parsons’ ex-wife, while Shelton plays Kaufman’s love interest. Robert Forster and Michael Shannon also star. (Zorianna Kit)

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David Caffrey (Dirctor), Johnny Knoxville (Jackass), Phil Kaufman (Road Mangler Deluxe)
Phil, Christina Applegate, Johnny, Marley Shelton
Phil, Christina Applegate, Johnny, Marley Shelton
Frank Mannion (Producer), Jeremy Drysdale (writer), Phil, Johnny
Rich Reilly (Actor),Frank Mannion (producer)David Caffrey(Director)